Zeus LED Grow Lights

Zeus LED Grow Light

Why should you by Zeus?

1)Actual power 260 watt, based on 4pcs 90w integrated together and 4pcs 5W high power UV LED as the light source-high par value

2)Use the full spectrum red color, blue color, cool white and warm white combination for plants, It’s good for growing stronger and flowering colorful. high par value is more promote the growth of plants-bigger yields

3)One Switch control the UV separately-user friendly

4)Operates on both AC100-265V power configurations on the fly, suit for most countries used-more selling opportunity for resellers

5)90 degree optical glass lens ,light intensity concentrates stronger. penetrating ability improves 5 times.-greatest penetration

6)High temperature protection function. the products equips with high temperature monitor device.When the internal temperature reach 60 °C, the system will turn off automatically until it cool down to normal temperature- easy to maintain


260W LED Grow Light 23 拷贝 1000W LED Grow Light Zeus LED Grow Light IMG_8893 拷贝 zeus led grow light-Back LED Grow Light

Why we design Zeus?

Many customers know we already have hot sell Noah series led grow light , so why we design Zeus ?
The reasons are as follows:
1) Many customer told us the Noah is a little expensive for them ,of course they know that’s because NOAH have dimmers , and dimmable drivers are more expensive. They like COB , but cant afford Noah , so we design Zeus , with two switches , no dimmers . In this way , more growers can access to our ZEUS.
2) We found all most all the LED grow light manufacture use UV in their led grow light . But as we all know , UV do harm to our health . In our Zeus , we separate 4 UV (5w chip) from the COB ,so people can separately control the UV , much more user friendly
3) We found most growers grow in grow tent , and we know grow tent have different sizes , so why don’t we make a light than can adjust its size? Then comes the feature of attachable Zeus ,users can attach 2 or more Zeus to make it a bigger lights for different size grow tent .

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