Noah Plus: New LED Grow Light

New noah-1



Product Feature:

1.Based on 6pcs 90W integrated and 72pcs 5W high power LED as light source.
2.Use the full spectrum red color, blue color, cool white and warm white combination for
plants. It’s good for growing stronger and flowering colorful. high par value is more promote
the growth of plants.
3.One switch control the light on/off,three dimmers to adjust the intensity of integrated
led and all 5W led operation respectively, suit for clone, vegetable and flowering stages.
4.Operates on both AC100-265V power configurations on the fly, suit for most countries used
5.90 degree optical glass lens+,light intensity concentrates stronger. penetrating
ability improves 5 times.
6.High temperature protection function. the products equips with high temperature monitor
device, when the internal temperature reach 60°C,the system will turn off automatically
until it cool down to normal temperature.

1.lndoor use only.
2.To avoid being damaged,do not use water or drip irrigation while using.
3.Sunshine lighting time should be 12-18 hours.
4.While irradiating the plants,the height of led grow lamp is not less than 10 inches,
low height will cause the destruction of plants.
5.Highly hang the lamp will weaken the energy and affect the growth cycle of the
plants, so the lamp should not be hung too high.
6.While taking care of the plants, please spray the leaves and branches 2-3 times everyday,
to ensure the the plants do not wrinkle a wither, and have no phenomenon of few fruit, and
hard pericarp.


Author: GEHL LED

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