LED Grow Lights

Noah Plus: New LED Grow Light
August 09
LED Grow LightsNoah LED Grow Lights

One switch control the light on/off,three dimmers to adjust the intensity of integrated led and all 5W led operation respectively, suit for clone, vegetable and flowering stages.

X300 led grow light
April 23
New LED Grow Lights

It outputs 10% light more than other LED grow lights which equipped with X-lenses or front glass.It is equipped with 90 degree beam angle reflectors.

April 23
New LED Grow Lights

Use the full spectrum red color, blue color, cool white and warm white combination for plants, It’s good for growing stronger and flowering colorful. high par value is more promote the growth of plants-bigger yields

Noah 8 LED Grow Light
February 10
Noah LED Grow Lights

Based on high efficiency 96 pcs 5w leds and 8 pcs 90w cob LED's from Cree, Bridgelux, Epistar as light source, actual power only 750 watt, easy to replace 1000W-1200W HPS grow light.

Noah 4 LED Grow Light
May 16
Noah LED Grow Lights

Noah 4 adjustable full spectrum cob 600w led grow light(GE-G27A).Based on high efficiency 48 pcs 5w leds and 4 pcs 90w cob LED's from Cree, Bridgelux, Epistar as light source, actual power 350w, easy to replace 600w HPS grow light.

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Grow Systems
August 17
LED Grow Light news

Once you’ve decided on the type grow room you’ll use, the next big decision is which growing system you’ll use. There are lots of choices: hydroponic, aeroponic, active, passive, recirculating, run to waste…

Grow Room Options-Closet/Whole Room
August 04
LED Grow Light news

Need to block out all unwanted light sources such windows and/or door jams, sealing them completely so there are no light leaks during your garden’s dark cycle.

Top led grow light
July 30
LED Grow Light news

Top 10 Best LED Plant Grow Lights.When comparing effective lumen’s per wattage used, LED has the advantage of saving over 60% energy usage.

Cloning/Seed Starting with LEDs
July 28
LED Grow Light news

LED grow lights are fantastic for seedlings/clones. Their compact size and ease of use can turn almost any small space into a seedling/clone garden.